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Greeley Water Damage & Flood Damage Restoration

Water Restoration and Flood Damage Restoration

When an accident occurs like a busted pipe or water heater, or when nature’s fury floods your home, call on Greeley Carpet Cleaners for water damage restoration service!

Water damage to your home is something that is critical to have taken care of as quickly as possible!

When water enters your home, it will follow gravity’s guidance and find the lowest point to settle. This means that your carpet, carpet padding, baseboards and possibly your basement can become flooded in a short period.

When disaster strikes, trust the professionals at Greeley Carpet Cleaners to respond to this situation quickly and effectively. Our experts will assess the situation and get to work immediately on this time sensitive issue.  

Water and Flood Remediation                                                                                            
Water and flood remediation are a big deal!

The sooner you can respond to home water damage the better to avoid:

  • Saturation of your carpet and carpet padding
  • The spread of moisture in difficult to reach places like beneath walls
  • The formation of mold and mildew
  • Damage to floorings like wood or laminate
  • And much more!

The more rapid the response, the less likely further damage will occur.

When you call Greeley Carpet Cleaners for water and flood remediation service, our experts on call will rush to your home or business quickly and with a set of equipment that is always kept ready to go at a moment’s notice!

We will use moisture detection equipment to locate where the water has spread to, move any furniture or other items from the area, and begin our work.

Greeley Carpet Cleaners uses water extraction equipment; both handheld and a heavy duty pump that is designed for the job towed behind our truck.

Once the water is extracted from all surfaces, we employ high-velocity air exchangers that remove the humid, post incident air from your home while simultaneously drying the affected areas.

After a certain amount of time is passed, we go back through the treated areas with our moisture detection gear to make certain there is nothing that we might have missed. If another area is found to be in need of treatment, we will take care of those areas as well.

This extra step is something that sets Greeley Carpet Cleaners apart from other water remediation companies, as we want to make sure we do the best job possible, every time. We stand by everything we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and won’t rest until we have done our best to serve you.

We take pride in our fast response time to water damage as well as remaining an affordable resource for our community’s homes and businesses when they help immediately!

Call the Water Remediation Experts     

You can count on the experts at Greeley Carpet Cleaners for water remediation service that is both fast and won’t break your budget!

The last thing you need to worry about when this kind of disaster occurs is how much it is going to cost to clean it up, and we can give you a quote the moment our experts have assessed the damage.

If you are experiencing a water-related disaster in your home or business right now, give us a call!

We are on call to serve Greeley, La Salle, Johnstown, Auburn, Alda, Windsor and many other areas!


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