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Greeley Carpet Cleaning is also a professional upholstery cleaning company!

Does your upholstery lack the luster it did when-when you first purchased it?

Time for new upholstery?

Maybe not!

Our upholstery cleaning service can bring back the vibrant and fresh feel to your furnishings!

Each piece of upholstery is different regarding the best way to clean it. Our upholstery cleaning experts know how to treat each piece based on its composition and material, providing a clean that is both visible and great to touch!

So before you decide to spend the time and money in purchasing new upholstery, give our upholstery cleaning professionals a chance to bring it back to life!

How We Get Upholstery Clean

The methods Greeley Carpet Cleaners use for cleaning upholstery vary by the type of material to ensure both the safety of your property and the cleaning requirements of the individual piece.

Microfiber material, for example, is already very easy to clean compared to other fabrics, but care must be taken when using heat. As a part of cleaning your upholstery, we provide stain removal and odor removal that will bring any piece back to looking and smelling showroom floor perfect!

More traditional, heavy fabrics require a different approach when conducting an upholstery cleaning service.

For this type of upholstery cleaning we apply a safe, non-toxic cleaning solution and use a Hot Carbonating Extraction technique which draws soil to the surface and safely sucks it out of the material.

We pre-treat any problem areas to ensure that your upholstery responds as well as possible to our efforts, and also provide odor removal that will leave your upholstery smelling as great as it looks!

One thing that many people who have called us to clean upholstery have said is how amazed they were at how different their furniture felt to the touch! One of the benefits of the extraction equipment we use is that it makes your upholstery fibers not only clean but stand up straighter, contributing to its texture as well!

Keeping Your Upholstery Clean

Keeping your upholstery clean doesn’t mean having to call us every time there is an accident!

(Though, of course, we are always here to help!)
Caring for your upholstery will add years to its lifespan! Here are a couple of things you can do to take care of your furnishings and other upholstery:

  • Turn Your Cushions– While this may seem like a simple thing to do, it is also very easy to forget to do it. Turning your movable cushions and pillows once a month will effectively double their lifespan, and reduce the amount of soil build-up over time.
  • Vacuum Your Upholstery– Vacuuming your upholstery will help to eliminate contaminants and reduce allergens in your home. Make sure that you vacuum your upholstery once a week, taking care to use only a soft brush to wipe it clean to avoid snags or other potential damage

Call the Upholstery Cleaning Experts

Greeley Carpet Cleaners are upholstery cleaning experts ready to bring a fresh look and smell to your home or office!
Give us a call today to see the difference we can make for your furnishings!


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