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Professional tile and grout cleaning can bring that sparkle back to you kitchen and other areas!

Greeley Carpet Cleaners are tile and grout cleaning specialists with many years in the fast and effective removal of soil build up that mopping alone can’t handle.

We stand by our commitment to wow you when it comes to cleaning your tile floorings, and if we fall short, we will start over and make sure that you are impressed.

Having Greeley Carpet Cleaners perform a tile and grout cleaning in your home will brighten your kitchen, bathrooms and any other places where tile is the flooring material of choice.

The Best Tile and Grout Cleaning Company

As the best tile and grout cleaning company around, we have scores of happy customers who know that when they need their tile to shine, they can call on us!

One thing that many people don’t know about tile and grout is how important it is to have the grout in particular professionally cleaned.

Why is this so important?

When you mop a tiled area you do a maintenance cleaning of the surface of the tile, but the mop does’’t reach down into the grout. The grout between your tiles will over time become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, some of which produce odor!

If you consider the possibility of an infant crawling and playing on those same floors with their hands and legs, the importance of a proper grout cleaning becomes terrifyingly evident!

Greeley Carpet Cleaners understands the need for professional tile and grout cleaning to sanitize your home as well as brighten both its look and freshen its smell.

We use the right combination of pet and child-friendly cleaning solutions, equipment designed to reach down into your grout and the surface of your tile to get the deep down clean only an expert can achieve!

Tile and Grout Hacks

Keeping your tile and grout clean between visits from Greeley Carpet Cleaners doesn’t mean having to exhaust yourself. With a proper response to spills and regular care, your tile and grout can make your home the beautiful place it is meant to be.
Here are a few things to remember when cleaning tile and grout in your home:

  • When cleaning up a spill, make sure that you get into the grout as well. After applying a cleaning solution, take a paper towel and roll it up, then press the roll into the grout lines. This will help to ensure that no germs or bacteria grow in your grout.
  • Be careful with the type of cleaning solutions you use on your tile and grout. While all floor cleaning products claim to be a miracle solvent, some can do more harm than good, especially if   you don’t follow the guidelines for dilution and usage. Some particularly fragrant floor cleaners have sugar in them to make them smell sweet. Sugar is a food source for bacteria growth!
  • Consider the use of entryway mats for every entry point to the area. An entryway mat will contribute to keeping your tile cleaner for longer as it helps to grab the dirt from shoes before it can be transferred to your tile and grout.

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We serve Greeley, Loveland, Evans, Kelim, Lucerne, Garden City, Kersey and many other areas!

You will be stunned at the results we will achieve!


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