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Got pets? Then you’ve got odor!

Over time, we get used to the smell that is associated with our furry family members, but leave for a weekend and come home, and it will be obvious that you are in need of pet odor removal from Greeley Carpet Cleaners!

Having pets shouldn’t mean that your house has to smell that way. With our pet odor removal services, you will be amazed how fresh and clean smelling your home will be!

Your dog, cat or crocodile (not that we recommend crocodiles as pets) are a part of your family, and caring for your home means taking care of them too.

Service for a Pet Happy Home

Greeley Carpet Cleaners is here to help you remove pet odor from your home.

Don’t be fooled by supposed “miracle pet odor removal” product advertisements; if it was that easy to do, would professional cleaning companies like ours offer it as a service?

One thing that sets us apart from those who love to DIY is our use of a special UV light to find all of the instances of pet soiled areas that produce odor.

Finding a stain isn’t difficult (that’s why it’s called a stain), but what about the areas that were cleaned yet residue remains that is producing odor?

Our experts will locate the source of the pet odor and treat its source, not just the surface.

To do this, we dampen the area with a solution that breaks up urine crystals, then coat it with an absorbent powder that we then brush into the carpet. After giving the powder (that leaves no toxic residue and is safe for everyone) a chance to fully absorb pet odor producing contaminants, we use an extractor much like a vacuum to remove the powder.

This superior pet odor removal method results in a cleaner carpet overall, and leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean!

3 Tips for Keeping Your Home Pet Odor Free

As we have said, living with pets doesn’t mean that your house has to smell that way!

Here are three simple tips for keeping your home smelling great:

  1. Indoor Plants: Beyond the green, natural aesthetic indoor plants provide, indoor plants are also air purifiers that are great at reducing the impact of pet odors. Orchids, peace lilies, and certain small palm trees are excellent for this purpose.
  2. Tea Leaves in Kitty Litter: Mixing in tea leaves with your cat’s litter will reduce the odor in between scooping or changing. This simple trick is so easy and effective; it’s amazing that so few people have caught on to it!
  3. Steam Clean Drapes and Upholstery: Your home’s drapes, fabric curtains, and upholstery are  just as much an odor absorber as your carpet. Keep a small steam cleaner around to go over these areas once a week, making sure that you pay attention to the cleaning guidelines for each item.

Call The Pet Odor Removal Experts

Greeley Carpet Cleaners are pet odor removal experts with years of experience and scores of happy customers that enjoy odor free homes!

Give us a call today for a free in-home inspection!


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