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Greeley Carpet Cleaners offers dryer vent cleaning near you!
An often forgotten but necessary component of you home, your dryer vent is a vital part of your ability to do everyday laundry.

Over time, your dryer vent accrues a build-up of dust and lint, and even debris that your dryer’s filter doesn’t catch. This build-up can cause you dryer vent to become partially or completely clogged or blocked.

When this happens, your dryer can’t properly vent the excess heat produced during its normal function, which can lead to the destruction of your dryer!

Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

Greeley Carpet Cleaners is the company to call for cleaning your dryer vent!

Dryer vent cleaning isn’t something to ignore for too long.
The heating element in your dryer is designed to dry your clothes but bleed heat away from its internal components. If your dryer vent becomes clogged over time, this blockage will cut off the escape route for the heat, causing sweltering temperatures within your dryer that will cause a breakdown.

A call to an appliance repair shop or having to replace your dryer entirely depending on the damage is an unnecessary expense that can be easily avoided with our dryer vent cleaning service.

What most people don’t realize about the need for dryer vent cleaning is that it is much more serious than spending hundreds of dollars on repair or replacement. Why?


It has been reported that more than $75 million in damages, as well as injury and death, are caused annually by fires that start as a result of a blocked dryer vent!

This hazard can be avoided by having Greeley Carpet Cleaners clean your dryer vent every six months!

Affordable Dryer Vent Cleaning

We offer affordable dryer vent cleaning services that can be scheduled at a time most convenient for you, and typically takes a short amount of time!

The knowledge that your family is safeguarded from a potential fire hazard is enough of a reason to call us, but here are a few more benefits.

  • Energy Savings: Your dryer functions at it’s best when properly ventilated, so having Greeley Caret Cleaners clean your dryer vent will actually save you money!
  • Avoid Denial of Fire Insurance Claims: If a fire does occur in your home, you can rest knowing that the insurance company won’t deny your claim when they find that your dirty dryer vent was the cause of the accident!
  • Reduce Dust and Humidity in Your Home: When dust, lint, and heat can’t escape from your dryer vent the way it should, the air quality of your home will suffer as a result. Having Greeley Carpet Cleaners clean your dryer vent will ensure that this doesn’t happen!
  • Extend the Life of Your Family’s Clothing: Temperatures higher than normal due to a blocked or clogged dryer vent will cause your clothes to prematurely age when they are dried

Call The Dryer Vent Cleaning Experts

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