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Construction and Renovation Carpet Cleaning

Construction and renovation can be an exciting, but can also cause the need for professional carpet cleaning after the fact.
Drywall dust, drywall mud, dirt tracked in by work boots and many other things can add up quickly during a renovation or construction project for a home, office or retail space.

Greeley Carpet Cleaners is the company to call when the final coat of paint is dry, and the final touches are put into place!
Our experts will survey the every area and come up with the best carpet cleaning plan for each situation.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Post renovation cleaning of your carpet is similar to having your carpet cleaned during other times, but with a few key differences.

When conducting construction carpet cleaning, the experts at Greeley Carpet Cleaning take into account not only dirt tracked in by work boots but other things like paint, drywall particles and spills that may have occurred.

Drywall dust, in particular, can damage a machine that uses any moisture to remove soil unless that device is a professional dirt extraction machine like the one used by our experts.

Our extraction equipment uses a special solution that is formulated to break up the drywall dust particles and keep them from sticking together, something that can destroy a rental carpet cleaning machine.

Removing paint from your carpet is also a typical construction carpet cleaning task.

This job also requires a special solvent to effectively soften and loosen the paint so that our equipment can remove it entirely. Removing paint from carpet is not a DIY job, and using the wrong chemicals and techniques can lead to severe damage.

Remodeling carpet cleaning and construction carpet cleaning are not a service offered by every carpet cleaning company. This is an area that we specialize in and have had the opportunity to work with several contracting companies for their post-work clean up.

Affordable Construction Carpet Cleaning

Working with a carpet cleaning company like Greeley Carpet Cleaners after a renovation, remodel or new construction is the icing on the cake of a great project completed!

We also understand that construction and remodeling can be incredibly expensive. With this in mind, we make our post remodel carpet cleaning services affordable because the last thing you need to worry about after completing your renovation is the price of clean up after the fact!

Our experts will assess your carpet during a free inspection and offer you an accurate quote on the spot.

Our methods and techniques are designed so that you can walk on your carpet much sooner than in times past and enjoy your brand new place!

Post Remodel Carpet Cleaning Experts

Greeley Carpet Cleaners are post remodel carpet cleaning experts!

If you are considering a remodel or are in the final stages of new construction, call us today for an inspection and quote.

And congratulations!


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