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Carpet Stretching Professionals      

Greeley Carpet Cleaners are the carpet stretching professionals to call when your carpeting has become lumpy, loose or wrinkled!

Carpet stretching, as well as carpet re-stretching, is a job best left to the experts at Greeley Carpet Cleaners. For this service use a power stretcher device, a customized tool called a kicker for hard to reach corners and other areas, and a carpet cutting machine that works with precision.

Over time, your carpet can contract from its original position through natural use. This contraction can cause your carpet to pull away from the edges of the room, as well as create slack which can lead to the appearance of bumps, wrinkles, and other raised areas.

Our experts can stretch your carpet and have it laid back down in no time, and often have it looking as good or better that when it was first installed!

How Carpet Stretching is Done     

Carpet stretching and carpet re-stretching is a task that Greeley Carpet Cleaners excels in!

The process of carpet stretching begins with our experts carefully pulling up your carpet and it’s padding, making sure to remove staples before lifting the pad to avoid ripping it.
Once the carpet and padding are removed, we replace your old tack strips with new ones, either prying them up from the fastening nails with the aid of a pry bar.

After this, we lay the padding back down and begin work with a device called a power stretcher. This machine has teeth that dig into the fibers of your carpet and stretch it in the direction of the adjoining wall or other area. This part of the process is typically the most difficult because of the need for precision. For areas that are difficult for the power stretcher to reach, we use a device called a carpet kicker to accomplish the same task.

As each of these devices do their work, your carpet is stretched tight upon which time it is laid back into place on the tack strips and anchored down. After this process is complete, your carpet will be firm and wrinkle free as it is meant to be!

Having your carpet stretched by Greeley Carpet Cleaners means having it done right the first time, and we stand by everything we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The Benefits of Carpet Stretching

The benefits of carpet stretching are numerous.

Having your carpet stretched can remove wrinkles, bumps or other abnormalities that are not only unattractive but pose a potential trip hazard as well. These issues can also lead to damage that will require carpet repair or carpet replacement.

Greeley Carpet Cleaners is your number source for carpet stretching and all of your other carpet related needs! We place a high value on customer service and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of our carpet services.
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